Visiting Procida in one day: ideas and advice

Is it possible to visit Procida in one day? Yes, with our stress-saving options.

Although it may be small with its approximately 4 square km, the island of Procida boasts many attractions. Visiting it in a single day is possible, however you lose the charm of a location that can only be appreciated with a serene and relaxed approach: Procida is the emblem of “slow living”, of slow, unhurried life. Our island appeals to those who leave their watch at home and wander through the streets without having a destination, but simply admiring the typical local architecture of the homes, the views of the coast or the interiors of the numerous churches.

If you are looking for nightlife, perhaps Procida is not the right place for you and one day will be enough.

On the map we have indicated only the main stages to visit, skipping as many, without considering all our proposals.

There are 8 stages, numbered in order of proximity and also direction of travel of the roads: a real itinerary that allows you to visit the island independently, optimizing time.

The starting point of our interactive itinerary is the port of Marina Grande, landing place for hydrofoils and ferries. From here the closest point of interest is certainly the village of Terra Murata and the fishman’s port of Corricella. Subsequently it is advisable to go to the postman’s beach and then Chiaiolella, another port on the island.

We remind you that hydrofoils and ferries depart only from Marina Grande.

However, for those who decide to disembark in the morning and leave in the late afternoon, we recommend 2 stress-free options:

Taxi + sea tour package
Taxi + restaurant package

Tour of Procida by taxi

The taxi tour of the island of Procida has an average duration of 1 hour and a half. It includes a complete tour of the island with 4 stops at the main attractions. The taxi driver will show and give information on the history and anecdotes of the places visited.

Tour of Procida by sea by boat

On our site we offer a vast range of boat tours (group, exclusive, with lunch, with aperitif…etc..), but in this case we recommend a 2-hour tour, which includes a complete tour of the coast and a swim stop of around 30 minutes. minutes.


We have many good restaurants on the island that allow you to end a memorable day on a high note.
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Are you only staying for a day, but still want to organize and book the whole day so as not to have any nasty surprises? Trust us! We will organize the whole day in such a way as not to have any inconveniences or waits and to make the most of the time on the island.

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