Boat tour of Procida

Procida has many beautiful beaches, but it also has many points on the coast accessible only by sea with a boat tour of island.

We propose:

  • TOUR OF THE ISLAND from 10 to 12 with a stop for swimming
  • BOAT DAY from 12 to 18 with lunch included
  • SUNSET APERITIF from 18:30 to 20:30
  • DINNER ON BOAT from 21.30 to 00.00

What can you see during the tour of the island by sea?
The tour of the island starts from the small port of Chiaiolella. During the excursion it is possible to see the islet of Vivara, uninhabited and connected to Procida by a bridge.

Another point of interest is the Chiaiozza bay, close to a swimming pool carved into the rock.

Equally noteworthy are the Scoglio del Cannone, Scoglio di Sant’Anna, Scoglio dello Schiavone and the “Bue Marino” cave at Punta Monaci (starting point of the natural arch of the picturesque port of Corricella where according to an ancient legend loved to rest the Bue Marino).

Finally, among the attractions by sea we must certainly also include the Terra Murata with part of the former prison of Procida.

Minimum number of participants: 2 people

The boat accommodates up to 12 people.

Prices starting from € 35 per person.


Additional information on the boat tour of  Procida.

This boat tour of Procida is collective, meaning the boat is shared with other participants. For an exclusive boat with similar tours we recommend this other tour.

Where the boat tour of Procida departs

Hydrofoils and ferries dock at Marina Grande, in Via Roma.

🚌Bus lines L1 and L2 cross the whole island

🚕Taxis are parked right at the port, so it's easy to always find one available.


The boat leaves from the small port of Marina Chiaiolella, respecting fixed times.

By taxi from Marina Grande to Chiaiolella (and vice versa) it takes about 10-15 minutes.

By bus, considering the stops and times, it takes at least 30 minutes.

It is advisable to also calculate these times when choosing the time slots of the tour and the timetables of the outward and return ferries / hydrofoils!



Hydrofoils and ferries dock at the port of Marina Grande.

📍 The boat starts and ends in the Chiaiolella harbor in Procida (see map).

🚌🚕To reach Chiaiolella it is sufficient to move by taxi or bus: both options are parked a few meters from the piers. If you choose the bus, the L1 line has Chiaiolella as its terminus, while L2 is a circular line with 43 stops, one of these (the twentieth) is your destination.

The boat accommodates up to a maximum of 12 people, including the skipper.

The boat is NOT for exclusive use, therefore other people may be present during the boat tour.

This particular experience is indicated for:

  • groups consisting of a few people (in high season even single people can participate)
  • people who leave during the same day: the times are respected to the minute, allowing the return in security.
  • lovers of socialization, who have no difficulty interacting with strangers

Time slots

The four time slots allow you to cover the whole day, adapting to everyone:

2-hour tour, from 10 to 12: Complete tour of the island of Procida, with a stop for swimming.

Day tour with lunch from 12 to 18.00: Six hours of pure relaxation, with a stop for a refreshing swim, complete tour of the island and lunch included cooked and eaten on board. Lunch is light and suitable for everyone (bruschetta, first course, fruit and drinks). In case of intolerances or different needs, it is advisable to report it during the booking.

Aperitif on the boat from 18.30 to 20.30: Early evening boat trip with aperitif included (without complete tour of the island) with a stop near the island of Vivara / Ciracciolo waiting for the sunset. The aperitif includes spritz, chips, rustic and little pizzas. In case of non-alcoholic option or special needs, it is advisable to communicate this in the booking.

Evening exit from 21.30 to 00.00: Dinner in the moonlight. The minimum number of participants is 4 people.

For exclusive tours it is possible to request it or, in the case of different needs (more flexible hours, additional stops, etc …), we recommend renting a boat directly, with or without a skipper. In fact, not only in this way the timetables and itinerary will be completely customizable, but it will even be possible to choose to move from Procida to the neighboring areas (Ischia and Capri) and reshape the day according to your needs.

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