Boat tour of Ischia with with lunch included.

The boat tour is exclusive, for groups of up to 12 people. For larger groups we can add a second boat and they will always travel together. The duration of the tour is approximately 6 hours, but there is a way to agree on different times.

The starting point is also a choice between Procida (Chiaiolella port) or Ischia (Ischia Porto or Ischia Ponte).

The indicative time is around 12, unless otherwise agreed.

This tour of Ischia is an additional service of the boat present here, where you can see photos and details.


Additional information on the Ischia boat tour

The tour of Ischia by boat is the best way to discover all the beauties that the island has to offer on the coast. This particular boat tour is dedicated to groups of maximum 12 people. It’s very flexible. The boat excursion, in fact, allows you to choose from Procida (Porto di Chiaiolella) or Ischia (Ischia Ponte or Ischia Porto). The approximate departure time is 12, but based on the customer’s needs, we can reschedule the entire day. Lunch is included in the cost, prepared and served directly on board.
To see the details of this boat, refer to the dedicated section.

Ischia tour itinerary by boat

The tour lasts approximately 6 hours, during which it will be possible to see the enchanting Aragonese Castle in all its beauty, at 360°. The bay of Cartaromana will follow with its crystalline seabed. Continuing it will be possible to admire the Maronti seafront and the beautiful village of Sant’Angelo.

The fumaroles

One of the main characteristics of the beaches of Ischia are the presence of fumaroles. These are jets of steam coming from underground. Ischia, in fact, is a volcanically active area with a large amount of thermal energy. The fumaroles are present both underwater and also in some points of the beach. Therefore this heat can be felt both in the sea, with hot and cold jets, and also on the beach. On the Maronti beach, even, partly due to folklore, there is the local custom of cooking food in the sand, which reaches a temperature of 100°C.

Things to know before booking this type of tour

  1. For safety reasons towards swimmers, the boat cannot reach the shore, but moors offshore. Anyone who wants to reach the shore will have to swim.
  2. From an economic point of view, this tour is not suitable for small groups (under 3 participants), however we still recommend contacting us because we will still try to find the most suitable solution, perhaps proposing a boat rental with skipper.
  3. The starting points of the Ischia tour are from Procida or Ischia, but on request we can easily add the taxi boat service as an option, i.e. a departure and/or return from different points. However, we DO NOT travel from Naples and Pozzuoli.

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