Snorkeling excursions in Procida with equipment included

Duration of the experience: about 2 and a half hours

Departure point: port of Marina Grande, Procida

Number of participants: min 2 – max 6 people

The excursions are mainly concentrated in the morning, with flexible hours based on the needs of the participants.

Discount for children under 12, if accompanied by 2 adults.

There is no age limit, as long as the participants have a minimum of familiarity with swimming.

The necessary equipment is provided by the organizer.

FREE video and photo of the excursion made with GoPro in 5K!

Boat details:
The boat has a cabin for changing, with toilet and sofa. Outside there is a shower with fresh water, plus many other kinds of comfort.



What is snorkeling?

Unlike diving, snorkeling does not involve diving to great depths. It is an activity that can be carried out by everyone, even by children, without the need to have a patent or particular athletic preparation. During the snorkeling excursion in Procida, it will be possible to observe the seabed on the surface or in a few meters of depth, with all the spectacular variety of fish, algae and other fauna typical of our sea.

Where the excursion takes place
The starting point is the port of Marina Grande (port where hydrofoils and ferries dock). From here you leave by boat towards particularly strategic points of the island, also chosen on the basis of weather conditions or less crowding to have a truly relaxing experience.

The points of greatest interest are the rock of Sant’Anna and the Bue marino cave.

Equipment and supplies included

All the necessary equipment for your snorkeling excursion in Procida (masks, snorkel, fins and igloo icebox, etc.) is provided by the organizer. After each excursion the equipment is scrupulously sanitized.

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