Sea ​​ox cave

sea ox cave visitSea ​​ox cave in Procida: legend, beauty and useful information

Between mystery and geology: discovering a natural treasure

The Sea ​​ox cave (in italian “Grotta del Bue Marino,” on the coast of the island of Procida, is a place surrounded by charm and mystery. Legend has it that once upon a time there lived inside it an enormous sea ox, a mysterious creature feared by fishermen. Its presence was associated with ominous omens, such as storms and shipwrecks.
The animal in question was probably identified with the Mediterranean monk seal. It is a species of seal that was once widespread in the Mediterranean Sea and also in the Tyrrhenian Sea, but which today is unfortunately absent in this area.

Why the name “sea ox cave”?

The name “sea ox” may derive from the imposing appearance and the low, guttural cry of these seals, which resembled that of an ox.

Beyond the legends, the cave stands out for its wild and evocative beauty. About 50 meters long, with high vaults and a triangular opening at the bottom, it insinuates itself into the heart of the volcanic rock creating a fairy-tale atmosphere. The crystal clear water, illuminated by the sun’s rays that creep through the opening, offers breathtaking plays of light and colours.

A journey through the geological history of Procida

The Sea ​​ox cave is a fascinating testimony to the geological history of Procida. Its formation dates back millions of years, when volcanic activity shaped the island. The walls of the cave, covered with limestone concretions and stalactites, tell the story of eruptions and geological upheavals.

Useful information for the sea ox cave visit

How to get there: The cave can only be reached by sea, by boat.
When to go: The cave is accessible all year round, but the best time to visit it is from May to September, when the climate is mild and the sea is calm.
What to bring: Shoes suitable for the rocks, mask and fins are recommended.

An unforgettable experience

Visiting the Sea ​​ox cave in Procida is an unforgettable experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the wild beauty of Procida and discover the hidden treasures of the island. The cave, with its mysterious and evocative atmosphere, represents a magical place that fascinates and captivates visitors.
We recommend visiting it at the same time as a snorkeling boat tour, in which you can have the necessary equipment included in the cost of the experience and at the end of the excursion you will also be rewarded with an underwater video shot with GoPro

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