Pozzo Vecchio or Postman's beach

Pozzo Vecchio or Postman’s beach

Pozzo Vecchio or Postman's beach

Curiosities and characteristics of the Pozzo Vecchio or Postman’s beach

The Pozzo Vecchio or Postman’s beach is one of the best known. This enchanting place is appreciated for its natural beauty, its crystal clear waters and its connection with the famous film “The Postman”. Let’s discover Spiaggia del Postino together in detail, starting from its history, its distinctive characteristics, and what makes it such a special place.

The Spiaggia del Postino takes its name from the famous 1994 film “Il Postino”, directed by Michael Radford and starring Massimo Troisi and Philippe Noiret. This touching film tells the story of a postman, Mario, and his friendship with the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. The Postman Beach is one of the iconic places where some scenes of the film were filmed. Her beauty has captured the imagination of millions of viewers around the world.

The beach is located on the north-eastern coast of Procida, in the bay of Chiaiolella. It is a small pebble beach surrounded by cliffs, with a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. The water here is incredibly clear and turquoise, perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

The Postino Beach is the ideal place to spend a relaxing day at the seaside. It is a favorite destination for families, couples looking for romance and travelers who want to escape the chaos of the cities. Many people come here to read a good book, take long walks on the beach or simply sunbathe. The calm, crystal-clear waters are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

From here it is also possible to admire the sunset. The golden reflections on the water and the warm colors that unfold in the sky create a breathtaking natural spectacle. Many visitors choose to stay late to witness this spectacle of nature.

It is important to note that Spiaggia del Postino is a seasonal destination. The best season to visit is during the summer months, when the weather conditions are more favorable and the water is warm enough for swimming. During the high season, it may become more crowded, so it is advisable to arrive early to secure a good spot on the beach.

In summary, Spiaggia del Postino in Procida is an enchanting place that offers a combination of natural beauty, cinematic history and authenticity. It is a unique experience for anyone who wants to escape the frenzy of everyday life and enjoy a relaxing day in a peaceful and charming environment. The beach, with its crystal clear sea and its spectacular views,it will remain in your memories as a magical place that invites you to return again and again.

How to reach Pozzo Vecchio or Postman’s beach:

Walk on foot from the port, about 30-40 minutes

🚌 With the C1 bus line and get off at the “Cimitero” stop (the exit to the beach is located right behind the cemetery)

🚕 By taxi: the station is at the port or can be contacted on the number +39081 8968785

Useful Information on Pozzo Vecchio or Postman’s beach

Like all the beaches in Procida, the postman’s beach is partly free and partly managed.

The portion of the beach is managed by the Lido Bar Annamaria.

For reservations and info: +39 333 8788611

Services offered:

  •  umbrellas and chairs
  • cafe
  • showers with hot water
  • scooter and bike parking


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