Sightseeing tour of the island of Procida by boat with a transparent hull

In just one tour it is possible to admire the coasts of the island of Procida both above and below sea level!


A complete tour of the island of Procida admiring the seabed. Also including a stop for swimming.

Price: € 30 adults, € 25 children up to 14 years.

Departure and return to the port of Marina Grande


    Are you undecided between a boat ride and a visit to the seabed?
    Would you like to both go around the island of Procida and be able to enjoy its seabed?
    This tour is what is right for you: in a single experience you can do the complete sightseeing tour of Procida (you can see the whole coastal area), and you can see below sea level.

    With the boat awnings, the tour will be pleasant and comfortable, reducing exposure to the sun. The deep hull and equipped with large windows, will allow you to admire, both day and night, the varieties of fish, algae and the very important Posidonia prairie.

    During the day tours, it is also possible to stop for a refreshing and relaxing swim. Both in the external and internal part of the boat, the seats are comfortable and comfortable in order to fully appreciate the tour. The Procida sightseeing tour in a transparent hull boat is an economical and optimal solution for those who stay a few hours on the island.

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