Sailing holiday in Italy

In this short guide, we illustrate some ideas on how to do a sailing holiday with a rental of even a few days.

There are 4 itineraries proposed, starting from a rental of 3 to 7 days. Clearly these are simple suggestions, also obtained on the basis of knowledge of the places indicated.

3-day sailing holiday: Procida – Ventotene – Ischia

3-day sailing holiday: Islands of the Gulf of Naples

7-day sailing holiday: Amalfi Coast

7-day sailing holiday: Pontine Islands


Sailing holiday in Italy

Taking a sailing holiday in Italy has never been so simple. Based on the knowledge of the places indicated (characteristics of the coasts, any shallows, port mooring conditions), we are able to organize a unique experience for you and your loved ones that you will remember forever. A mini sailing cruise can also be particularly suitable for groups of friends on special occasions, such as a birthday, a wedding or events to remember.
Based on the rental duration, we were able to develop four simple itineraries. The starting point is always Procida, which has an enviable strong point: its strategic position. Procida, in fact, is less than an hour from Naples (one hour by ferry, half an hour by hydrofoil. Even less from Pozzuoli). So the holidays begin practically immediately. Furthermore, it is also in a useful position to quickly reach the other islands of the Gulf of Naples, the Pontine Islands and the Amalfi Coast.

3-day itinerary: Procida – Ventotene – Ischia

Partenza da Procida

Isola di Ventotene e il piccolo isolotto di Santo Stefano

Isola di Ischia, ultima tappa dei tre giorni prima del rientro a Procida

Ventotene is the closest of the Pontine Islands to those of the Gulf of Naples. With a sailing boat rental of just three days it is possible to visit Procida, Ventotene and Ischia in one go. Therefore, a truly important opportunity to discover the coasts, caves, coves, ports and typical products, staying in very close contact with the sea for 72 hours.

The departure is from the island of Procida. The first stop is Ventotene, passing through the small islet of Santo Stefano, which like Procida, is known for the presence of a Bourbon prison, now disused. Depending on availability, it will be possible to moor and stay overnight in the Roman port of Ventotene built by the Romans over 2000 years ago. It is not very large, however if there is availability, it is worth mooring and spending the night here. The next day we set off again towards Ischia, where we will spend the night. During the day or evening, you can freely visit the islands even by land. The last day is spent in Procida, where the boat will be returned.

3-day itinerary: the islands of the Gulf of Naples

Procida è in una posizione strategica tra le isole del golfo

Scoperta dell'isola di Capri

Ultima tappa, prima del rientro a Procida

As in the previous itinerary, you basically spend one day and one night on each island. The advantage of choosing a sailing holiday is certainly that of experiencing each island in its entirety, by sea during the day and by land in the evening. Clearly each island definitely deserves more time, but the proposed itinerary simply suggests an idea. This does not exclude the possibility that once you have rented the boat you may decide to dedicate more time to just one island. Ischia, for example, is the largest of the islands in the gulf: with its approximately 46.3 square km it is practically almost 10 times larger than Procida (4.1 square kilometres) and almost 4 times larger than Capri (10.4 square kilometres).

7-day itinerary: Amalfi Coast

Procida, Napoli, Campania, 80079, Italia

Prima tappa

Seconda tappa

Terza tappa

quarta tappa

Quinta tappa, prima del rientro a Procida, passando per Ischia

The “Amalfi Coast” itinerary includes both the islands of the gulf and three further stops on the coast: Amalfi, Positano and Sorrento.
A seven-day rental allows you to easily reach more distant destinations, always making short stops and not wasting too much time on navigation. Again, you basically spend one day and one night per stage. The strong point of this itinerary is that the attractions are all on the coast and therefore on a sailing boat it is possible to really enjoy them without compromises.

7-day itinerary: Pontine islands

Procida è il punto di partenza di questo itinerario

Prima tappa dell'itinerario: scoperta di Ventotene e dell'isolotto di Santo Stefano

Tappa successiva, isola di Ponza

Quarta tappa, isola di Palmarola

Ultima delle isole pontine, Isola Zannone, prima della visita ad Ischia

Ultima tappa, prima del rientro a Procida

There are 6 Pontine islands: Gavi, Zannone, Palmarola, Ventotene, Santo Stefano and Ponza.
Ponza is the largest island by extension. During the itinerary they will all be visited, making the first stop in Ventotene, the closest to Procida. The next stop is Ponza, then Palmarola. The island of Zannone represents, however, the halfway point of this tour, as from there you return back, towards Ischia and finally Procida.
Among the proposed itineraries, this one on the Pontine Islands is certainly the most appreciated for lovers of the sea and nature in general. In fact, these islands are known for the presence of pristine seabeds, very clear sand, natural pools and numerous coves.

Things to know before making a quote or asking for information on holiday sailing in Italy:

– The suggested itineraries are not closed packages: at the time of the estimate, only the cost of boat rental, skipper and any optional services offered together with the rental will be included. However, fuel, mooring costs, food, drinks… WILL NOT BE INCLUDED…
– With longer rentals you can easily reach even more distant destinations (for example the Sicilian islands)
– The stages are optional and can be skipped or modified at the customer’s request.
– Pets are allowed on board

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