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Procida on a sailing boat

Procida on a sailing boat

Discover a new way to get to know Procida and all its naturalistic and architectural beauties.

Procida on a sailing boat allows you to live in very close contact with the sea and in all its entirety.

Thanks to its particular strategic position, the island also becomes a starting point for visiting the more or less nearby islands.

In fact, Procida is just a few miles from Ischia and Capri. Instead, by moving just 30 miles it is possible to visit Ventotene or Ponza with about 50 miles.

Two different types of boats are available: 12 or 14 metres, with 3 or 4 cabins, with 7 or 9 beds, with 2 or 3 toilets.

By using the “Booking” form without completing the order, you can get a summary quote for a rental of a Bavaria 46 cruiser (read the details for the characteristics).


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Discover Procida on a sailing boat

Sailing is the most authentic way to experience and discover an island like Procida. Sleeping lulled by the waves and waking up smelling the sea has no price. Furthermore, renting a sailing boat means saving on accommodation and transfer costs.

With the rental, it is also possible to request a skipper. So you can have the opportunity to visit the nearby islands of the Gulf of Naples or move towards the Pontine islands.

To learn more about the possibility of moving around, we have created a small guide in which there are actual itineraries based on the duration of the rental. You will be surprised to discover that in just one weekend you can visit, for example, Procida, Ischia and Ventotene.

There are 2 types of boats available on our site. Through the “Booking form” section it is possible to obtain a quick indicative estimate of the costs based on the period of the year, the number of days and any optional extras.

However, the estimate obtained will need to be rechecked together to also verify the possibility of discounts.

Specifically, from this page you can access the quote for the Bavaria 46, 14 metres, 4 cabins (2 aft and 2 bow), 9 beds (2 per cabin + 1 obtained from the sofa in the relaxation area), 3 WC + 1 separate shower cubicle.

For a quote on a smaller boat, you can also access it from the BAVARIA 41 (YEAR 2016) and BAVARIA 41 (YEAR 2018) sections.

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