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Sailing boat rental with skipper

Sailing boat rental with skipper

Among the various optional services offered together with the sailing boat rental based in Procida, there is the possibility of requesting the assistance of an expert but discreet skipper, capable of making your holiday relaxing and unique.

The presence of a skipper also allows those without a sailing license to approach the world of sailing and enjoy a new way of experiencing the sea.

The fleet is made up of two types of boats, the Bavaria 41 and a Bavaria 46. The substantial difference is the number of cabins and toilets: the Bavaria 41 has 2 toilets and 3 cabins (7 beds), the Bavaria 46 has 3 WC + a separate shower cubicle, 4 cabins (9 beds).

The form below “Booking form” allows you to make a quick cost estimate starting from a 2018 Bavaria 41 model boat.

For an indicative quote also on the Bavaria 41 (year 2016 – slightly lower cost) or the Bavaria 46, consult the dedicated sections respectively:

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 Sailing boat rental with skipper

The world of sailing is often seen as too expensive and far from the possibilities of many. In reality, considering the costs of an average holiday (transfers, accommodation, food, various activities…), renting a sailing boat already includes a large part of these expenses. Sailing also allows you to travel light: you will need a swimsuit, flip flops and little else! Choosing to spend your holidays on a sailing boat can be a unique opportunity to experience the sea and nature, truly disconnecting from everyday life.

Among the services offered, you can choose to rely on a skipper, giving yourself the opportunity to move around in complete freedom even if you do not have a boating license.

Advantages of sailing boat rental with skipper

The presence of a qualified and reserved skipper has significant advantages. The rental starting base is Procida, but you can freely move for the entire duration of the rental to the other islands of the gulf, Ischia and Capri. Or you can choose to also visit the Pontine islands (Ponza, Ventotene, Santo Stefano, Gavi, Zanone and Palmarola). Clearly for longer rentals, itineraries with even more distant destinations can easily be considered, such as the Aeolian or Egadi islands. On our website you can also consult a section dedicated to suggested itineraries based on the rental time.

Strong point of the rental based in Procida

The choice to rent in Procida also has many advantages: it gives the opportunity to reach an excellent starting point to start immediately the holidays. You are in Procida in less than half an hour by hydrofoil from Naples (20 minutes from Pozzuoli – 1 hour by ferry from Naples). Procida is located exactly between the two islands of Ischia and Capri and in a strategic position also to reach Ventotene (just 30 miles) or Ponza (55 miles) already with a short weekend rental.

The fleet is made up of 3 sailing boats, one 12 and the other 14 metres, with 3 or 4 cabins and 7 or 9 beds respectively. The boats also differ in the number of toilets (2 or 3, plus separate shower cabin where specified).

For an indicative cost estimate, you can set the start date and rental days in the “Booking form”. You can also indicat any optional extras, such as the skipper.

For a tailor-made and non-binding quote, we recommend the form below.

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