Day recreational fishing in Procida – a morning fishing with Andrea

The best way to reconcile the passion for the sea and for fishing is to participate in a fishing trip on a boat with Andrea, a autentic procidano who, despite his young age,he has managed to transform his passion into work.


  • Departure from the port of Corricella at 9 am (flexible hours).
  • Positioning of the longline
  • Island tour to discover the coast
  • Fishing
  • Return to the point where the longline were placed
  • Return to the port of Corricella for lunch time.

Depending on the weather and sea conditions, the parking points for fishing may vary.

Ask for information or book your morning fishing.

Boat capacity: 9 people

Discounts for children under 15.


    Day recreational fishing differs from night fishing because it takes place in the first half of the day.

    Procida Experience offers two different types of “tourism fishing”: a night as a fisherman on an authentic Procida fishing boat and a morning fishing with the fishing boat “o’ Giotto”.

    During the day fishing trip, different techniques alternate to optimize time and maximize yield.

    Longline fishing, or longlining,

    The longline is a fishing angling technique that uses a long main line with baited hooks attached at intervals via short branch lines called snoods or gangions.

    The longline is one of the oldest angling methods. It is a type of fishing that takes time, it is usual to arrange the longline and then devote oneself to other methods while waiting.


    Bolentino fishing is practiced with the rod and, depending on the distance from the coast and the type of seabed, allows you to capture different types of prey.


    Nets are one of the oldest fishing methods too. Andrea’s small fishing boat, O’Giotto, is equipped with the typical wheel used to easily lift the nets.

    Who is this experience for?

    Anyone wishing to take part in a fishing trip with Andrea is certainly a person who loves the sea and fishing. However, it is possible to book and limit yourself to just watching others fish: it is not compulsory to fish.

    This experience is particularly suitable for adults and also for children.

    It can also be a time to get together for work groups or, why not, for an excellent idea for an original bachelor party in the name of an ancestral journey into nature.

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