Fishing tourism in Procida – a night as fishermen

We collaborate with two fishing boats, thanks to which we offer the possibility of carrying out fishing tourism activities in Procida: witnessing all phases of anchovy fishing and conclude by going to the Pozzuoli fish market to sell the catch of the day.

Based on availability we divert requests to the m/p “la gemella” or “Ciro III”.

It is certainly a long experience (about 12 hours), suitable for curious people with a spirit of adventure. The ideal guest is willing to give up sleep and comfort in order to participate in a one-of-a-kind activity. In fact, in other tourist areas the fishing tourism activity is carried out in a completely different way: you go out in the morning, do some fishing and then we all go to the sea.

In Procida fishing is culture and tradition; it is daily bread for hundreds of people. It cannot be reduced to an alternative to the beach.

Fishing tourism in Procida allows those who are not local to immerse themselves in the life of a Procida fisherman in an authentic way.

Alternatively we also offer daytime fishing tourism: a morning of fishing on the o’Giotto fishing boat.


Fishing tourism in Procida allows sea lovers or simply curious people to live a more unique than rare experience: spending a night on a fishing boat like an authentic sea dog fishing for anchovies.

Thanks to this experience it will be possible to discover all the tricks and techniques that Procida fishermen use to catch anchovies, exquisite blue fish with well-known organoleptic properties.

Fishing tourism in Procida – a night as fishermen: details

Departure is scheduled for around 8.00 pm from Marina Corricella, a characteristic and suggestive fishing port. The motor-fishing vessel go offshore between Procida and Pozzuoli. Here you can admire the spectacular phase of placing the nets and attracting the fish with the lampare, particular lamps placed on 2 or more small boats, called daughters. Equally exciting is the phase in which, once the anchovies have been attracted, the daughter boats move to allow the fishermen to tighten and close the bottom of the nets and bring the catch to the mother boat.

Useful tips

This experience is suitable for people with a great spirit of adaptation and who have no problem staying for many hours in an uncomfortable environment.
If you don’t have these aptitudes and you just love fishing, we recommend daytime fishing tourism.
We therefore do not recommend this activity to children under 10 years of age.

Appropriate clothing can be very useful. We recommend dressing in multiple layers. Bring a waterproof jacket to protect yourself from wind and humidity. Considering the many hours of the experience, bring comfortable clothing.

The maximum number of participants is 8 people, while it is also possible to participate alone.

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