Casale Vascello village

Casale Vascello Procida

Casale Vascello village: An architectural jewel among the colorful houses of Procida

Casale Vascello village, perched at the foot of Terra Murata, represents one of the most fascinating villages of Procida. Its origins date back to the 17th century, when the threat of Saracen incursions pushed the population to abandon the coast to take refuge in the interior of the island. Casale Vascello village thus became the first extramural residential nucleus, a fortified settlement that offered shelter and security to the inhabitants.

The name “Casale Vascello” derives from the dialect term “vasciddo”, which means “below”. A name that reflects its position, nestled at the foot of the ancient village of Procida. This small architectural jewel retains its original charm intact, offering visitors an immersion in local history and culture.

Procida architecture: a combination of functionality and beauty

The houses of Casale Vascello village, like those throughout Procida, stand out for their bright shades of color that decorate the facades. A tradition born from practical needs: white lime was mixed with natural pigments obtained from minerals and earth, giving homes a sunny and joyful appearance. In addition to the colors, the architecture of Procida presents distinctive elements that make it unique.

An emblematic example is the so-called “giraffe neck”, a spindle-shaped opening that stands out on the top of the roofs. This peculiar feature originally served to collect rainwater, channeling it into underground cisterns which guaranteed water supply during periods of drought. The “giraffe neck” represents a decorative element that embellishes the panorama of Procida, giving it an unmistakable appearance.

The vefio: a panoramic balcony with Arab influences

Another typical element of Procida architecture is the “vefio”, a small balcony covered by an arched vault reminiscent of the Arab world. The vefio overlook the narrow and winding streets of the village, offering the inhabitants a panoramic view of the sea and the colorful roofs of the houses. Their presence testifies to the Arab influence that has permeated the culture and architecture of Procida over the centuries.

Casale Vascello, with its colorful houses, giraffe necks and vefios, represents an authentic expression of Procida architecture. A village that invites you to walk through the alleys, to get lost in the colors and scents, to discover the history and traditions of an island full of charm. A place where time seems to have stopped, where the simplicity and beauty of everyday life come together in perfect harmony.

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